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Media Strategies to Realize Financial Goals

Question: The Gesundheit Institute has been raising money for the past 37 years to build a revolutionary hospital that will provide free, quality, health care to its patients. We have raised a portion of the funds and have implemented projects that support this vision around the world. We feel we have exhausted the traditional fundraising plans. What other alternatives are there to build our facility? - Patch Adams, The Gesundheit Institute

Answer: Patch, I would recommend that you consider alternative fundraising strategies that incorporate the media. New approaches to fundraising include:

  1. Television: Pursue TV space to tell your story. I recommend looking at ABC Home Makeover since they have built some facilities for other nonprofit organizations. You may be able to work with the producers to build a portion of your campus and will have a large audience to share your story.
  2. Social Networking: Connect with people on-line to share your story and keep them updated on your progress. Since you are seeking to change public opinion about the delivery of healthcare, using Facebook and MySpace type of sites may provide you with a grassroots activist and donor base.

The basics to fundraising and donor development are to include your donors, help them to feel that they are making a larger impact on the world by working with you and your accomplishments as an organization are their accomplishments.

If you have a small group of major donors that are passionate about your cause, I recommend that you start a donor circle. These major donors would volunteer to help you to raise funds and would pledge to raise a certain amount for a particular project. By increasing the number of people asking for financial support, you will see an increase in donor activity and public awareness by referral. You can use the social networking tools to harness the expanding network, share information, and highlight individual’s fundraising efforts.

I wish you the best of luck!