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Expanding from a Local to National Presence

Question: I have a non-profit for children and this non-profit was established in Alaska. We run free clinics on holistic healthcare for children and pregnant women. I have recently moved to California and have the opportunity to take my non-profit national. We will soon be covering entire families with this program. Since a non-profit is a federal corporation, can I move its headquarters to California and still keep clinics all over the nation. Do we have to start a new non-profit in each area? - Michele, Healing Toby Network

Answer: Michele, first I would like to clarify that most non-profit organizations are incorporated as state C-corporations, a legal designation. Your 501(c)(3) tax status is a federal status that exempts your organizations from federal income taxes and includes several other benefits as well. Healing Toby Network is an Alaska corporation that is exempt from federal income taxes.

You may open additional offices around the nation, there is no need to move the headquarters. If you chose to move your headquarters, you will need to follow California law for moving a company to that state. I advise securing legal assistance with this type of transaction. As part of your expansion, you should register as a foreign corporation in each state outside of your state of incorporation. You do not need to start a separate business in each state. Alternatively, you may consider franchising your organization. Good luck with your expansion!

Expansion Options:

  1. Establish branches
  2. Franchise the organization