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Business Plan Development

The Business Plan Development Workshop is an intensive review of the basic components of a business plan using organizational and evaluative planning tools. Participants draft portions of their business plan and use planning tools in the workshop. This workshop is modified to meet the needs and the experience level of participants.

During the workshop, participants:

  • Differentiate between a strategic plan and a business plan
  • Refine their mission statement to ensure clear messaging
  • Understand the long-term strategic plan of the organization
  • Develop measurement systems that inform the progress of short-term and long-term goals
  • Use data to tell their story
  • Project organizational needs
  • Develop a more defined organizational structure
  • Implement a brand strategy
  • Investigate revenue streams
  • Understand how to create a donor cultivation strategy
  • Evaluate the uses of social networking as part of the business plan
  • Explore the use of logic models
  • Use a timeline effectively
  • Map resources and assets

"The fundamentals of a business plan serve as an organization’s operating guide."