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Case Study

The following case study illustrates the working process of Our Voice! Consulting in a comprehensive strategic development project highlighting Public International Law & Policy Group (“PILPG”). At the beginning of our consulting relationship in 2002, PILPG operated on a budget just short of $200,000 and $1 Million of in-kind services. Our Voice worked with PILPG to expand its monetary budget to $1.5 Million and $10 Million of in-kind services, as of 2006. Together, Our Voice and PILPG accomplished these extraordinary gains by working on PILPG’s strategy and business plan as living documents.

Strategic Planning

Our Voice worked with PILPG to redefine its goals, measurement system, and growth plan, enabling PILPG to grow almost ten-fold within four years.

Our Voice reorganized PILPG’s structure to maximize efficiency, otherwise known as “Business Process Redesign.” In particular, Our Voice worked with PILPG to address items from the website, marketing and branding strategies, and organizational structure. Our Voice also worked with PILPG to diversify its revenue stream, refine the staff and volunteer structure, and establish measurement and outcome systems for donors. PILPG remains flexible to move in a structured growth direction and periodically re-evaluates its strategy in light of this growth.

Proposal Development & Evaluation

Our Voice reviewed PILPG’s funding strategy and created a plan that diversified its revenue and increased the level of contributions that it was already receiving. Moreover, Our Voice restructured PILPG’s funding pitch and modified organizational and program metric systems. As a result, PILPG gained a greater number of grant awards and an increase in the level of existing support. PILPG has maintained a 100% retention rate among its supporters.

Prospect Research

PILPG’s increased donor support is attributable to the prospect research that Our Voice has provided. Our Voice created a database of potential financial supporters and provided PILPG with a list of recommended strategies to acquire the support. In addition, prospect research enabled PILPG to form collaborative relationships with other entities.

Special Events Strategy

Recognizing donors, key volunteers, and staff instills greater loyalty in PILPG. Our Voice worked with PILPG to create an event that provided contributors with public recognition for their support, which also fulfilled the participants desire to attend a networking forum.

Earned Revenue Development

In order to diversify its revenue, Our Voice worked with PILPG to pursue contracts for services that further PILPG’s mission. These contracts have provided PILPG with greater financial flexibility while increasing its public awareness.

PILPG a global pro bono law firm, provides legal services to government clients to draft peace agreements, post-conflict constitutions, and assist in the prosecution of war crimes.

PILPG, a 2005 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, has become a recognized leader in its field.