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Special Events Solutions

Special events address strategic needs, such as investor cultivation, revenue development, and public relations. Our clients use these events as powerful tools that brand the organization, cultivate resources, and establish a strong organizational culture. Special events raise funds, increase employee recognition, provide donor and volunteer networking opportunities, and provide strategic public relations opportunities. Our professionals work with clients to develop a comprehensive special events strategy to pinpoint the multiple goals of an event and ensure full development. For organizations that have limited staff resources, bringing in professionals that can help to guide and implement the process can be critical to a successful event.

Our professionals understand how to increase attendance at events, attract the target audience, assess and plan for multiple fundraising strategies, and secure underwriters. A “small” event can have a “large” impact.

While Our Voice works with organizations to implement special events of all types, the most common events are:

  • Auctions
  • Dinners
  • Galas
  • Golf tournaments
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Groundbreaking and opening ceremonies
  • Receptions
  • Recognition ceremonies
  • Sporting events

"A special event is more than an event, it is an opportunity."