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Proposal Development

Effective program development and evaluation enables our clients to more successfully acquire contracts with government agencies, respond to requests for proposals, receive grant awards, and develop new business ventures.

In order to assist clients with proposal development, our professionals provide clients with a process and core documents as part of the Our Voice proprietary Building Blocs system. As part of the Building Blocs system, our professionals work with our clients to develop proposals with a strong professional presentation that leverages the client’s existing development capacity.

Our consultants work with clients to develop and evaluate projects and proposals using specialized organizational tools that outline the project or business and determine its potential success. Through the grant evaluation process, Our Voice has helped clients double their yearly income and strives to achieve at least an 80% award rate for proposals submitted. As a result of our expertise, clients successfully developed multi-million dollar government and subcontract proposals.

  • Organizational Tools
  • Diagrams & Flow Charts
  • Logic Models with Indicators
  • Benchmark and Measurement Tools

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