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Proposal Writing

The Proposal Writing Workshop Series for contract and grant proposal development includes multi-level workshops specially designed to provide beginner to expert level proposal writers with the tools to effectively and efficiently structure proposals and programs. Workshops focus on proposal structure, measurements, and development of an accurate budget. Participants learn how to use organizational tools to determine effective metric systems. Our workshops review how to structure a proposal to meet the RFP effectively, persuasively, and professionally.

The Proposal Writing Workshop is modified to meet the experience and expert level of the participants.

  • What is the role of "Development"
  • How to cultivate relationships
  • Review contact data management systems
  • What does a professional proposal look like, structure and format
  • How to write persuasively with data and emotional hooks
  • Using a logic model to inform the program and the proposal
  • How to streamline the proposal writing process
  • Budget and timeline integration
  • Explaining the measurement system

"Our proposal writing techniques will improve writing skills and program development."