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Earned Revenue Workshop

The Earned Revenue Workshop explores alternative methodologies to create revenue streams leveraging core expertise, intellectual capital, and unique business competency to drive long-term revenue. Earned revenue is designed to address the needs of nonprofit organizations to drive sustainability. Income derived from earned revenue streams is an excellent strategy to fund new projects or further develop the organizational capacity of the organization. During the workshop, participants:

  • Understand the ability for a nonprofit organization to engage in business activities
  • Explore tax consequences of mission related versus non-mission related ventures
  • Examine popular earned revenue strategies
  • Assess the resources and budget required to implement these strategies
  • Evaluate the organization’s unique core expertise, intellectual capital, and business competency
  • Address barriers to stakeholder buy-in
  • Learn to leverage of corporate donor budgets
  • Explore how to leverage marketing for earned revenue to further the mission

"Our innovative approaches to earned revenue provide clients with greater stability."