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Sasha Vrajich, Collaborative Director

Sasha Vrajich is a Collaborative Director where he focuses on Revenue Strategies, Special Events Strategies, Strategy & Planning, and Technology Solutions. He is also a Director at Capital Perception specializing in the Customer Products and Services and Technology.

He has over 15 years of experience developing innovative and efficient systems that impact the business process. Mr. Vrajich addresses his client projects with a clear methodology that blends long-term strategic goals with short-term goals.

Mr. Vrajich has developed and delivered IT infrastructure for clients that enable efficient communication and collaboration and streamline business processes. By developing a comprehensive tactical plan that addressed a company's needs to streamline its technology infrastructure, Mr. Vrajich has provided savings of over $1.5 million. He has also identified a key technology solution to consolidate contact management systems resulting in $1.22 million of savings. During this engagement, he also developed a custom program that addresses safety issues, which saved the company over $300,000 during the first two years. In addition, by upgrading a company's e-commerce capability, the company was able to capture valuable marketing data.

To enhance a company's customer service, he developed and implemented an on-line database that reduced data-entry errors by 25%, thereby improving customer loyalty. For those companies that require collaboration services, he has integrated offices to consolidate messaging systems and managed efforts to coordinate document management systems.

Mr.Vrajich is a Director at StaffLeader, a financial services firm that provides outsourced tax preparation services and was responsible for developing new business units. Previously, he served as a Senior Project Manager at CSC where he focused on telecommunications clients.

"Innovative solutions are the result of multiple perspectives on a single problem."